Cuba itinerary

Complete itinerary for the trip to Cuba. 



December 13 

5:00 am  

Check in to Miami International Airport, Concourse G, Wilson International.

8:00 am

Depart for Santiago on 5K-1301, arriving Santiago at approximately 9:30 am.  Meet driver and guide and transfer to Hotel Meliá Santiago or Hotel Las Américas.


Meet with historian at Casa del Caribe for a briefing on the city’s history, including its African history and roots in the diaspora.

Evening Welcome dinner (included)
Saturday December 14
Morning Breakfast at the hotel. Tour the historic sites of the city.
Mid day Lunch in one of the many eateries around the square. (not included) Continue with tour of the city’s historic monuments and sites, those affected by Hurricane Sandy with a focus on how restoration projects are carried out.
Evening Visit to the Morro Castle.  The group will have dinner on its own (direct payment) in a nearby restaurant of their choosing.

December 15


Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit to the Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Center founded by writer Daisy Rubiera to promote
Meet with writers and artists at the center.

Mid day Break for lunch (not included)
Afternoon Visit to artists’ studios and homes. Suggestion:  Dinner at a local paladar, a home based restaurant (direct payment)
Monday December 16
Morning Breakfast at the hotel.
Drive to El Cobre, the church of the Virgin of Charity, patron saint of Cuba, and then travel the route of the slave to the Monument of the Cimarrón (Runaway Slave).
Mid day

Lunch (included).
Meeting with La Cotumba Frances, performance and discussion about the Haitian presence in Santiago

Evening Visit to a popular club where you can meet local people and listen to music (direct payment)
Tuesday December 17
Morning Breakfast
Visit the Moncada Garrison, now a school, for the morning  “matutino” ceremony with which all Cuban school children start the day. Have a short meeting with the school director and senior administrative staff to drop off items for the children at the school.
Mid day Visit the Cuban Women’s Federation Women and Family House where you will meet with Women from the FMC (Federation) and women from all walks of life and ages about the realities of the life of women in Cuba and the hopes and actions they are taking to promote the future of their sons and daughters.
Afternoon       Lunch (not included)The remainder of the day’s activities to be planned with the group’s leader.
Wednesday December 18

Breakfast at the hotel. 
The day will be spent in the Baconao National Park, which is both a biosphere and recreation area and also home to two artists’ communities, El Oasis and Los Mamoncillas, which the group will visit.  Lunch will be at the Finca Guijira Rodeo (included), with the opportunity to meet and talk with local people about the rodeos of the area and their lives both before and since the historic Hurricane Sandy.  There will also be visits to local beach areas before returning to Santiago.

Evening On your own.  See restaurant list, the hotel concierge or your guide for suggestions.
Thursday December 19
Morning Breakfast at the hotel.  
Meeting with local Ministry of Health officials about Cuba’s involvement in international health missions, and if possible, with doctors and nurses involved in Cuba’s international service work. 
Visit a policlinic or family doctor office.
Mid day Lunch on your own.
Afternoon Visit the Cabildo Carabalí Isuama (1852) and Cabildo Carabalí Olugoo (1877).  Meet with local leaders of the cabildos.
5:30 pm Following an early dinner on your own, transfer to the airport for the flight to Havana.
8:30 pm Depart on CU987 for Havana, arriving at 11:00 pm.  Transfer to Hotel Nacional or to the Hotel Presidente.
Friday December 20

Breakfast at the hotel. 
Meet at at the hotel or at UNEAC, the Union of Writers and Artists, with musician, musicologist and Cuban activist Alberto Faya about the U.S.-Cuba jazz connection, his experiences as a member of the Cuban literacy brigade as a youngster, and his life as a musician in Cuba.


Mid day Break for lunch.
Afternoon Thos who wish will pick up and pay for credential for the Jazz Festival.
Evening Opening activities of the Jazz Festival (optional).
Saturday December 21

Breakfast at the hotel.  
Meet with Esteban Morales, well known economist and sociologist, for a discussion on the recent and ongoing economic changes in Cuba and the opportunities and challenges these changes present to the people of Cuba.

Mid day

Lunch at the Yoruba Association followed by a screening with Gloria Rolando on her recently 
released film on the history of Cuba’s first Afro-Cuban political party, the Colored Independence Party in the early years of the 20th Century.
Participate in activities of the Jazz Festival.


Optional:  Visit the Opera de la Calle, the eclectic group of opera and popular singers and show performers at El Cabildo in the Playa section of Havana (direct payment).

Sunday December 22
Morning BreakfastParticipate in activities of the Jazz Festival.
Evening  Farewell dinner
Monday December 23
Breakfast at the hotel.
Check out and transfer to the airport.  Check in for flight.

The program above is coordinated for Global Arts/Media by Common Ground Education & Travel Services 359 Main Street #2A, Easthampton, MA , telephone 413-203-1125

Note:  Activities above have been requested from Havanatur Celimar, your tour operator in Cuba.  The Tour Operator reserves the right to change accommodations and schedule as local conditions dictate.  We ask you to remain flexible as your hosts in Cuba do their best to ensure your comfort and that the goals of your visit are realized.  Please keep in mind that you are traveling to an embargoed country that shares its scarce resources with its citizens as well as with its visitors.